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Myrelle Byrd, flute, and John Weston, guitar, have been working and playing together since 2011. Their partnership began when they first provided music for a wedding. Realizing they had diverse backgrounds in music that were compatible, decided to continue honing their arrangements and sound. It continually evolves as they work and study together. Their music is Chamber Jazz; elegant melodies with tasteful improvisations over sophisticated harmony.


Jazz Byrds, have played weddings, fine dining, television, corporate events, as well as private functions; anniversary & birthday parties, backyard BBQs, garden & cocktail parties

When John and Myrelle aren't playing, they can be found helping pass their passion for music on to their students at

Barn Music Studio

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Early years for Myrelle were spent studying Classical and Celtic flute. Later she began to study Jazz and improvisation. She enjoys the freedom of improvised music.

Myrelle plays 5 different flutes, each used for their unique characteristics to express the music. Any single instrument can become self limiting. Myrelle's mastery of the flute family allows her to provide the public with a kaleidoscope of exciting flute based sounds. 


Her main instrument is a hand-crafted Altus 1507 flute made from Britannia .958 silver fitted with a Powell Grenadilla wood head joint. Giving a beautiful, rich tone.

For added melodic expression, she plays a Trevor James Alto flute, which is a larger flute and gives a lower tone, perfect for the jazz standard ballads

On her flute stand, is a Guo Grenaditte composite flute. It is a light weight, black plastic-like flute, that gives a softer, lighter tone. Myrelle plays this on a variety of their repertoire giving a different look and refreshing sound. 

And to fill out the sound on both ends of the flute pitch spectrum, she plays a wooden Burkhart piccolo. And for the low end and groovy sounds, she plays a bass flute made by Pearl. It is pitched an octave lower than the concert flute.


Began study of the guitar at age nine and has been performing since age sixteen. John is an experienced Classical and Jazz guitarist that offers sophisticated arrangements and elegant improvisations

John plays a Gibson ES175, arch top Jazz guitar,  

and uses a Henriksen JazzAmp 10, 

This gives John a beautiful balanced sound that suits his style of playing.

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